• Confidentiality: All members of the group in the online experiential sessions are asked to agree to confidentiality - each participant agrees not to share any other group members identifying and personal information with others. It is appropriate to share your personal reaction and feelings with others, but please do not share other people’s stories or other information with anyone outside of the group.
  • Groups are international, bringing the richness of various cultures and experiences. Respect to cultural, individual, and role differences, including those based on age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socioeconomic status, is required.
  • The large group meetings – announced in the program as ‘plenary' may be recorded and shared when appropriate by the organizers.
  • The small group meetings - announced in the program as ‘workshops' are unique to those who attend and WILL NOT be recorded by the organizers OR the participants.
  • Participants should refrain from taking pictures of the small group work and sharing it with others or on social media.
  • Participants need to attend while using a quiet and safe place with no other people present in their near-by physical space.
  • All cameras (video) need to be 'on' during the sessions (except when an internet problem occurs).
  • All participants receive unique links to connect. Please do not share your link with anyone else.
  • As the training is online, we want to be sure that we offer options if a problem with an internet connection occurs. If the technical issue occurs to the presenters, the workshop will be rescheduled.
  • All participants are expected to arrive 10 min early for the session to start exactly on time. If a participant arrives late to a workshop and the warmup and sociometric exercises have advanced, the participant may not be appropriate to join. Please plan to stay throughout the entire session, including the closure.
  • Gallery view allows you to see all or most participants at once. To switch from active speaker view, tap Switch to Gallery View in the upper-right corner of the Zoom window. If you do not see the controls, tap your screen to get them to appear.
  • The sessions are educational in nature. They are not intended as therapy. Participation in all activities is voluntary.
  • Grievances: All grievances must be in writing to and will be replied to within 5 - 10 business days.
  • This conference is ADA compliant. If you need accommodations, please contact us at All reasonable accommodations will be made.
  • Conflicts of interest: There are no known conflicts of interests for this conference.

  •     Request for cancellation must be sent to by January 15, 2021. While no refunds will be given, cancellations will receive credit for other Tele’Drama events or programs. Credit is non-transferable and is only applicable to the person requesting the credit.